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26 years of exquisite thai dining

Savor the Exotic Tastes of Thailand at Siam Thai, Dundrum

Welcome to Siam Thai, where exquisite Thai cuisine meets impeccable hospitality. Renowned as a premier dining destination, Siam Thai promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey filled with authentic flavours and innovative cocktails.

Located within the vibrant Dundrum shopping centre, Siam Thai invites you to experience the fusion of culinary mastery and an inviting atmosphere.

At the heart of our establishment lies the esteemed Candlelight Bar, a haven of mixology brilliance. Winner of numerous awards, our bar is a testament to the art of cocktail crafting. From classics to contemporary creations, Candlelight drinks elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Our devoted staff embodies the essence of Thai hospitality, delivering warm and attentive service that enhances your visit. We take great pride in sourcing only the freshest ingredients to infuse our dishes with vibrant flavours. Every plate is a reflection of our dedication to authenticity and quality.

As the sun sets, our establishment comes alive with live music, providing the perfect backdrop for cherished moments. The chic and thoughtfully designed ambience, adorned with subtle lighting, sets the stage for an enchanting dining affair suitable for any occasion.

Come and immerse yourself in the symphony of tastes, aromas, and memories that define Siam Thai.

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Blending luxury with cuisine

What makes siam ireland’s go-to thai restaurant?

Whether you’re joining us for a leisurely lunch, an intimate dinner, or a weekend indulgence, Siam Thai promises more than just a meal; it’s a multisensory journey.

Siam Thai stands proudly as Ireland’s ultimate destination for Thai cuisine. Our commitment to delivering the most authentic and tantalising Thai flavours is unparalleled. With an unwavering dedication to sourcing only the freshest ingredients, our dishes encapsulate the true essence of Thailand’s culinary heritage.

A bartender creates a delightful cocktail at Siam Thai Restaurant Dundrum, one of the best restaurants in Dundrum.

Your culinary adventure awaits!

Our meticulously curated dining experience is what truly sets Siam Thai apart. Our expertly designed setting, adorned with subtle lighting, forms the canvas upon which our culinary artistry unfolds. As you take your seat, the ambience envelops you, preparing your senses for the feast that awaits.

Our vibrant restaurant in Dundrum is the perfect spot for a culinary expedition. Unwind with your family or catch up with old friends and enjoy Siam’s delicious Thai eats now!

A menu card featuring the delectable offerings of Siam Thai Restaurant Malahide, one of the best restaurants in Malahide. 


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