Be a siam thai loyalty member


  • Points can be earned every time a purchase is made at any Siam venue.
  • Special offers and services for Siam loyalty card holders.
  • Priority booking for tastings, special events and wine appreciation courses.
  • Points may be redeemed on purchases at any Siam venue.

To sign up for the Siam loyalty card programme, simply drop into any of the three restaurants or takeaways and complete an application form or sign up here.

Siam’s loyalty program rewards you every time you visit!

Be the first to receive updates on exclusive events, secret menus, special offers/discounts, loyalty rewards & more!

Simply present your card on each visit and automatically earn points towards great rewards: absolutely FREE! That’s right, there is no cost associated with our Rewards program; it’s truly Free!

Login to obtain information about your account. All you need is your membership card number and your email address and you may access an abundance of information. Find out your current point balance and review a list of offers awaiting you. 

You can also obtain information about your past transactions and the rewards you redeemed.

Online account access requires enrollment in our loyalty program, a loyalty card number and an email address registered with your loyalty account. If you are already a participating member but have not yet provided your email address, simply contact us to register and begin enjoying the benefits of online access! 

If you are not already a member, just click the enrol button, fill out the application and start using it today

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