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26 years of tasty and authentic thai dining

Explore cosy thai delights in siam thai, rathmines

Step into Siam Thai, where Thai cuisine meets unbeatable hospitality. More than a restaurant, we’re your ticket to a thrilling culinary voyage. Get ready for vibrant flavours, creative cocktails, and taste sensations that’ll make your taste buds dance.

Tucked into the lively Rathmines’ Swan Centre, Siam Thai invites you on a journey where gourmet finesse blends with irresistible vibes. Our centrepiece is the prestigious Candlelight Bar, a sanctuary of mixology brilliance. Awards adorn our shelves, celebrating cocktails that transcend norms. From timeless classics to innovative blends, each sip at Candlelight takes your dining adventure to new heights.

Our team lives Thai hospitality, making your experience a warm embrace, not just a meal. Fresh ingredients fuel our kitchen, infusing every dish with vibrant flavours. Our plates reflect relentless authenticity and unwavering excellence.

As daylight fades, our space transforms into a music haven, crafting memories that outlast the final notes. Chic design meets gentle lighting, setting the stage for enchanting dining—perfect for every occasion.

Ready for more than a meal? Immerse yourself in a symphony of tastes and aromas at Siam Thai. Your culinary journey is set to begin.

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Experience siam thai

Thai dining at its best!

What makes Siam Thai truly distinctive is the artistry we infuse into every dining experience. Our setting, thoughtfully curated and illuminated by soft lighting, creates an ideal platform for our culinary mastery to take centre stage.

When it comes to Thai dining, Siam Thai has truly mastered it. It’s an encounter that surpasses mere food; it’s a symphony of tastes, aromas, and moments waiting to be relished.

A bartender creates a delightful cocktail at Siam Thai Restaurant Dundrum, one of the best restaurants in Dundrum.

Your culinary adventure awaits!

Our vibrant restaurant at Rathmines is the perfect spot for a culinary expedition! Unwind with your family or catch up with old friends and enjoy Siam’s delicious Thai eats now!

A menu card featuring the delectable offerings of Siam Thai Restaurant Malahide, one of the best restaurants in Malahide. 


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Siam Thai Restaurant Malahide: Experience the Finest Thai Cuisine at One of the Best Restaurants in Malahide
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